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The Magic Wand (CompuDent or STA system)


Parkcity Dental Clinic is proudly to offer the pain-free method of anaesthetising using The Magic Wand.  The Magic Wand is a complete computer controlled anaesthetic delivery machine which guaranteed that the injection to be slow and steady and numbs teeth up without any discomfort. 


With Magic Wand, no more needle phobia..

Most people think that pain and discomfort of an injection comes from the prick and pressure of the needle. In reality this is usually not true! Most often, the discomfort was caused by the anesthetic flow is too fast or inconsistent. 

The Magic Wand is remedy. It controls slow and steady flow of anaesthetic, maintaining an even pressure and volume. Thus, a consistent pain free injection.



What people have said about The Magic Wand:

“…a little spray to numb the gums then a few minutes slowly injecting small doses of anaesthetic through the computerised outlet system and I didn’t feel a thing!…My fear of needles is now a thing of the past.” (from “The Magic Wand”)

“when it comes to the actual fear of needles..well one thing i have found that helps the most with that is a numbing machine called ‘the wand’.”

“Not only was it painless, but it worked better than the usual injections. For anyone afraid of needles or injections, I can’t say enough good things about this system.”

“I didn’t even flinch when he did the freezing with The Wand…it was barely noticible! Just like many have indicated here, the Wand is truly something every dentist needs. Sure, some dentists feel its not necessary, but the regular syringes are scary!”

“The wand is truly awesome – it has totally changed my attitude towards visiting the dentists… I was going to have IV sedation but have now decided i’ll be ok with just the wand!”

“It looks like a pen and it’s wicked!”

“Fortunately, I found a dentist who caters to needle-phobics. He uses the wand, as well as “syringes” that don’t look like needles. I knew a shot was coming, but because I didn’t see it, I didn’t panic. It was brilliant, and the most painless injection I’ve ever had.”

“The wand is a gift from god.”